2023 Vintage Wrap

Published on: 12th May 2023

A Great Year for Chardonnay Lovers

We’re thrilled to share that our 2023 vintage has wrapped up, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The summer was dry and mild, which provided perfect ripening conditions for our grapes. We began the harvest in mid-February, and even though there was a minor rain event in the second week of April during the red harvest, the fruit was able to achieve lovely flavour and tannin ripeness due to the beautiful autumn weather.

“While Mother Nature certainly provided her challenges (cool, wet conditions for budburst through to flowering, Weevils and lots of birds!) we really did have some ideal conditions through the season. The vintage crew were a highlight, seeing the team come together and understand the challenges.”


Despite processing 1,300 tons this year, the vintage was trouble-free, with the amazing vintage crew also being a highlight for Senior Winemaker Glenn Goodall, and further sharing that “having an awesome group of people with great camaraderie is always a highlight of any vintage.”

When asked about their pick from this vintage, Glenn Goodall and Robert Underdown both sharing their excitement for the Chardonnays. “I feel as though our Lagan and Stevens Road Chardonnays never seem to skip a beat with 2023 offering our consistent house style, bright tangy fruits with a lovely natural acid backbone giving the wines focus.”


And for some fun, the team celebrated end of vintage with a fancy dress jungle theme with many loincloths featuring on the day. Overall, the Xanadu 2023 vintage offers a great year, with the Chardonnays being the standout wine of the season. Grab a bottle and experience the consistent house style that we are proud to offer at Xanadu.