Which Club pack did I sign up for?

Simply sign in here with your email address and password. Your Wine Club package will be displayed under ‘My Wine Club’ tab.

How does the Winemaker’s Selection pack work?

If you don’t want to worry about which wines to select or you just love a good surprise, our Winemaker’s Selection is the perfect choice! Our winemakers pick their favourite seasonal wines for delivery to you, so you can always be sure to receive a fresh and vibrant choice!

Can I change the wines I receive in my Club pack?

Yes, you can! Change your wine selection as often as you like by signing into your account and navigating to the Wine Club page. Select “View/Edit Wines”, make your selections and hit “Save”. These changes will apply to your next Wine Club delivery.

Can I change the frequency of delivery of my Club pack?

Yes, you can! Change your delivery frequency by signing into your account and navigating to the Wine Club page. Select “Switch Wine Club” to adjust your frequency.
Please note, after switching frequency, our Club Manager will be in touch to confirm when you would like to receive your next pack.

How do discounts work for Club members?

Discounts are based on a combination of the number of bottles you receive and how often you receive them.

Your exclusive Member Discount is built into your Wine Club Pack, but also applies to other purchases made online and at our Cellar Door.

  • Receive 3 bottles every 3 months – 15% discount
  • Receive 6 bottles every 6 months – 15% discount
  • Receive 6 bottles every 3 months – 20% discount
  • Receive 12 bottles every 6 months – 20% discount
  • Receive 12 bottles every 3 months – 25% discount
Can I upgrade my frequency of delivery and get a better discount on my purchases?

Yes, you can! Simply log in to your Member area, navigate to the Wine Club page and select “Switch Wine Club” to upgrade your package. If you downgrade, your discount will also be reduced.

How do I receive my discount on purchases other than Wine Club?

If you’re shopping with us online, make sure you’re signed into your Wine Club account in the top right hand corner of the page. You can access your account here. Once signed in, your discount will be automatically applied on the Shop page.

If you’re shopping with us at our Cellar Door, you’ll also receive a discount. Simply let our staff know your name, email or phone number and this will be automatically applied at the till.

What is the cost of delivery?

Zero! If you’re a Wine Club member, your membership gives you free delivery anywhere in Australia. As Members, you also receive complimentary delivery on extra purchases you make online.

Can I update my own details?

Yes, you can by signing in and navigating to the My Account page. You can manage:

  • Billing and Delivery details
  • Payment methods, including updating expired credit cards
  • Wines included in your Choose Your Own Pack
  • Pack selection and/or frequency of delivery
  • View Orders and Invoices
Are my credit card details stored on the site?

No, they’re not. We use the Stripe payment gateway as well as an SSL certificate to protect your privacy. Read more about our payment gateway and the way it handles your credit card information here.

I have forgotten my password; how do I retrieve it?

Please navigate to the Member Login page by clicking here. On this page you can click on “Lost Password” and follow the steps to reset.

Simply navigate to the Member Login page and select “Lost Password”, following the steps to reset.

Can I purchase a Wine Club membership as a gift?

Our Wine Club memberships are not available to be purchased as a gift, however we do have Gift Cards available in our online store.

Can I suspend my Wine Club membership?

All Wine Club members have the ability to temporarily suspend their membership commitment by up to 6 months. Those that receive quarterly packs are able to suspend their delivery twice a year. Those that receive half-yearly packs are able to suspend their delivery once a year. Suspensions can be managed by contacting us at club@xanaduwines.com.

Can I cancel my Wine Club membership?

Yes, you can. Should you wish to cancel email your request to club@xanaduwines.com. Cancellations will cease subscriptions and discounts. Should you wish to reinstate your membership, you can sign up again at any time.

I received damaged goods. I received the wrong pack. I haven’t received my pack. What do I do?

Please contact us rwgorders@rathbonewinegroup.com and we’ll sort it out for you!

What are the terms and conditions associated with my purchase?

You can find our standard terms and conditions of sale located here.


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