Celebrating International Women’s Day with Winemaker, Sophie Ward

Published on: 6th March 2024

Sophie Ward | Winemaker

On this International Women’s Day, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Sophie Ward, an esteemed presence within our winemaking family. Sophie’s pursuits in wine have seen her undertake considerable study and work experience around the world. Her high level of expertise is matched by her dedication to the craft and by her character. We are very appreciative of all of her contributions to Xanadu.


Originally hailing from the South Island of New Zealand, Sophie embarked on her academic journey by obtaining a Science degree, majoring in Biochemistry. The blend of her Biochemistry background, coupled with a passion for travel, gastronomy, and a diverse set of skills crucial in Winemaking, steered her towards a Master’s degree in Oenology. Sophie’s early foray into the world of Cabernet Sauvignon commenced with a Master’s Degree Research Scholarship, leading to the publication of her research in The American Journal of Enology and Viticulture.

Transitioning from academia, her professional journey commenced with Pernod Ricard at Orlando Wines in the Barossa Valley and Boutique Martell Cognac in France. She has worked vintage in Central Otago, Burgundy and the Okanagan Valley in Canada, however the allure of Margaret River drove her to settle into the region in 2014. Joining Naturaliste Vintners for her inaugural Margaret River vintage, Sophie then joined Xanadu and has progressed from Cellar Hand to Winemaker in 2020.

Sophie’s journey to becoming a winemaker

“I was finishing up my Bio Chemistry degree, and whilst I enjoyed the challenge of studying Bio Chem, when looking at jobs utilising that knowledge, there weren’t many options that interested me – all the jobs seemed a bit uninspiring. I loved food and wine, so the sommelier at my part-time university job recommended looking into winemaking. After a bit of research, it looked like it fitted the brief – travel, food, wine, working outdoors when required, and utilising my science degree. This led me to moving to Adelaide to study Oenology.”

On facing Challenges in the industry

Sophie explains, “I don’t feel like I have had more or less challenges than anyone else in a similar role.  We all have different strengths, weaknesses and experiences. I have been lucky to be part of passionate, highly skilled and experienced teams for most of my career.  I have utilised others experience and knowledge to develop and have shared what I have learned.  Most people that work in the industry thrive off being challenged. It is something I really enjoy about being a winemaker.”


“I have seen an evolution of wineries hiring a more diverse range of personalities. I have experienced that having a diverse range of personalities, skills and experiences leads to a more cohesive team.”



“We are lucky in Western Australia with the quality of wine and life here, particularly Margaret River, as it attracts many knowledgeable and passionate people across the wine industry.  We have a number of influential females working in the Western Australia wine industry.  I have been fortunate to have been part of tastings and wine shows with Cath Oates, Gen Mann, Virginia Willcock and Ely Jarvis.  I am impressed with their knowledge and experiences and how confidently they can communicate about wine and the wine industry.”


“Do and say things with confidence. Only you know the experience and skills you have. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to have confidence in the decisions you are making.”


To the women of Xanadu

Today, we recognise the efforts of all of the women in the team at Xanadu. We are very thankful for the impact that they have on the wider business and are delighted to acknowledge all of their successes.

Introducing Vinework

Published on: 30th September 2022

The introduction of our newest range, Vinework, presents the opportunity to experience a seasonal voyage from the vineyard to the glass –from growth to creation. Vinework captures the history of the land in the here and now. In essence, our wines are a layered journey of time, expressing the toil of the land and the many hours spent nurturing the vineyard – watching, tending, and tasting. This tier is a celebration and reward of the hours spent walking amongst the vines, connecting with our growers and the region’s land.

This connection is an essential element in our winemaking. “I like to be observant, identify and respect what’s going on in the vineyard, and try to channel how each section or parcel of fruit can contribute to a blend based on its potential and harvesting decisions. Spending time

in the vineyard and tasting the fruit helps to cement the vision of what the blends might look like in any given season.” ~ Glenn Goodall, Chief Winemaker. The relationship with our growers is a unique and synergistic partnership. “Our Growers are part of the Xanadu team. To us, they are not just grape growers or suppliers; they are so much more. They are winegrowers. Proud producers who love knowing where their fruit ends up and how they contribute to our wines.”

 Awaiting online and within our cellar door, the Vinework range exudes a personality that radiates from every bottle, a charismatic collection that allows every variety to shine in its own skin. The modest price point and the cool, alternative varietals exclusive to our Tasting Room make this range a must-have adventure for the novice to the master. This range provides free licence for our winemakers to look further afield into upcoming Western Australian regions and varieties outside of the Margaret River GI, finding the right varieties, reflective and suitable to their most appropriate growing regions.

Taking center stage are the 5 core heroes of Vinework; with their textural blueprint, these wines are destined for food. The SBS – showcases a beguiling character of citrus complexity, with a splash of the tropics and aromatic acidity that keeps the fruit singing. Our Rosé; a zesty yet savoury exploration scented with wild plums and cherry blossom. The elegant yet powerful regional Chardonnay – where citrus and white fleshed stone fruits laced with a pure minerality speak of the land and its soils. Our Shiraz, with expressions of ripe raspberries and hints of peppercorn, forest fruits and fireworks speaks to the barrel ferment. The Cabernet Sauvignon completes the picture, with aromas of dark berries, cassis and mocha intricately woven around supple tannins. This wine embodies the quintessential depth that is the heart of the Xanadu legacy.

We are so excited to share this new range with you.


Looking for the perfect Cabernet pairing?

Published on: 25th August 2022

If you’re looking to up your cooking game and impress at your next dinner party – try this Sous vide Charsiew Beef Ribs recipe from our Head Chef, Aaron Lim.


Short beef ribs 1 Slab
Scallions 1 Bunch
Garlic 2 Cloves
Light soy sauce 2 TBSP
Chinese rice wine 1 TBSP
Caster sugar 2 TBSP
Chicken stock 2 TBSP
Sesame oil 1 TSP
Oyster sauce 2 TBSP


Honey 2 TBSP
Oyster sauce 3 TBSP


  1. Trim off any excess fat and sinew from the beef ribs.
  2. In a sauce pot, add the light soy sauce, chinese rice wine, caster sugar, chicken stock, sesame oil and oyster sauce together. Bring to a boil, just enough to dissolve the sugar. Once sugar is dissolved, cool the mix in the fridge.
  3. Marinate the trimmed beef ribs with the chilled charsiew mix, garlic and scallions in a vacuum bag for at least 12 hours.
  4. Bring water to 62c using a thermal circulator and place the beef ribs in the water bath for 24 hours.
  5. To make the the honey glaze, combine oyster sauce and honey and set aside.
  6. To finish, char the beef ribs on a barbeque, glazing each side generously with honey glaze, each time you flip them.
  7. Rest for 10 minutes before slicing. Sprinkle with fresh coriander and serve with Asian greens.
  8. Enjoy!

Your 2023 Halliday Winemaker of the Year

Published on: 1st August 2022


Xanadu Wines Chief Winemaker, Glenn Goodall has taken out the 2023 Halliday Wine Companion Winemaker of the Year award. Announced last night at Stokehouse, St Kilda, Glenn was awarded the highly anticipated accolade after two years of being shortlisted.

“I’m excited and feel very honoured to receive the Halliday Winemaker of the Year award. I’ve been fortunate enough to lead the Xanadu team for many years, and winemaking is definitely a team sport. This award acknowledges everyone, including our growers, who have been involved in the Xanadu journey over the years, and I feel really proud to represent this group.” – Glenn Goodall, Chief Winemaker, Xanadu Wines
Visiting Australia in 1989 when he was just 19, the Kiwi fell into wine whilst looking to fund a surfing holiday in Port Macquarie, with his first introduction to the industry at Cassegrain Wines. Nine years later, Glenn had completed vintages in Bordeaux, South Africa, New Zealand and California, all whilst finishing his Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Oenology at the University of Adelaide (Roseworthy). In 1999, Glenn joined the team at Xanadu in Margaret River, becoming Senior Winemaker in 2006.

Now in his 24th year at Xanadu, the winemaker and his team have tallied up an unbelievable 339 gold medals and 127 trophies across regional and national wine shows. This not only includes winning the coveted Jimmy Watson Trophy in 2018, with the 2016 Xanadu Cabernet, but recently the 2019 Xanadu Reserve Cabernet continued their incredible run at the National Wine Show of Australia by taking home the Best Cabernet Sauvignon Trophy for the 8th consecutive year in a row.

Glenn has always had an intuitive approach to winemaking alongside an unwavering belief that the vineyard is central to the steady success of Xanadu wines. “The variety and the vineyards should be the loudest voice in the glass, not the winemaker… Walking a lot of rows, in a lot of vineyards, is really important to identify the differences between, and often within, blocks. This unlocks good picking decisions and by keeping the winemaking pretty simple we can maintain the integrity of each different parcel of fruit, and that’s the key to retaining a nice spectrum of fruit profiles for when it comes to putting blends together”.

This attention to detail and regional focus result in excellence at every price point, which is why Xanadu was additionally nominated for the 2023 Halliday Best Value Winery of the year. “The wines are made to an exceptional standard at every price point, showcasing their deep understanding of both the art of winemaking and the terroir of the region” (Erin Larkin – Halliday Wine Companion).

Whilst Glenn’s award-winning wines sit front and centre, his dedication to the industry, knowledge, and generosity follow closely behind. A passionate industry advocate for sustainability, participation within the Australian Wine Show system, and contribution to expert panels cement him as a worthy recipient of the 2023 Halliday Winemaker of the Year award.

2023 Halliday Wine Companion Results

Published on: 1st August 2022
We are thrilled to share our 2023 Halliday Wine Companion results with you.
Alongside Glenn’s exciting Halliday Winemaker of the Year accolade, Xanadu was also shortlisted for Best Value Winery of the Year and again, awarded a 5 Red Star Winery rating. Thank you to our reviewer Erin Larking and a huge congratulations to Glenn and our dedicated winemaking and viticulture team Brendan Carr, Steven Kyme, Rob Underdown and Darren Rathbone!

2019 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – 98 Points

92/4/4% cabernet sauvignon/malbec/petit verdot. Fruit from Wilyabrup, Treeton and the Steven’s Rd vineyard. Matured for 14 months in French oak (45% new). Sometimes, you gotta start at the end of a wine, rather than the front. Usually it is because the wine is so long, that the first flavours are long forgotten. Such is life, here. The tannins, which are laced like a fine silky web through the finish, capture the pure fruit on the mid palate and coax it through the mouth. Caught also, like fine droplets of dew in a spider’s web, are pockets of spice which add pop and thrill to the overall. Another scintillating and pure cabernet release from the team at Xanadu.

2020 Reserve Chardonnay – 97 Points

The problem with Xanadu Reserve Chardonnay is that it is delicious on release. But that has nothing on what it morphs into, with age. This is a wine that is all too often overlooked (not in the show system, granted) by collectors, because too few people have been privy to the wines in their middle age. A problem emerges: the wines are drunk too early and don’t get the opportunity to show their full potential. This is crystalline, pure – almost austere – toasty and spiced, with layers of undulating flavour through the fine, spooling finish. A monumental wine of endless potential.

2019 Stevens Road Cabernet Sauvignon – 97 Points

100% cabernet sauvignon, fruit from Block 3 in the Steven’s Rd vineyard. Matured for 14 months in French oak (40% new). Scintillating, pure, creamy, salty and layered, this is every bit as impressive as I expected it to be. Expectations can occasionally be cumbersome, in that they have the ability to get in the way of accurate and present assessment. But in this case, the reality exceeds the expectation, leaving only good things in its wake. The cooler year is viewed here through perfectly ripe fruit, and has imparted a freshness to the acidity that only serves to highlight the pristine character of the wine. Hyperbole aside: it’s very, very excellent. The tannins are like silk.

2020 Stevens Road Chardonnay – 97 Points

This wine is pristine, and routinely defined by acid on release. It is soft, pithy and lush (that acid), and it is met by white peach and nectarine, red apple and lime flesh. Brine, cheesecloth and little pockets of pop-rock vibrancy. This is a beautiful wine, but it is even better with some age. The temptation to drink them young however, is overwhelming.

2020 Xanadu Cabernet Sauvignon – 95 Points

With 8/3% malbec/petit verdot. Matured for 14 months in French oak (40% new). Perfumed, pure and very pretty. The three ‘p’s’ for success. In the mouth the wine is all that the nose promised, the very fine tannins curve and shape the fruit. Very smart. Tasted alongside wines 3+ times the price of this and it still held its own. The finish is creamy and svelte.

2021 Xanadu Chardonnay – 94 Points

The combination of Xanadu’s staunch approach to mlf (it’s banned) in chardonnay, together with the cooler ’21 vintage, had my mouth puckering in anticipation. I needn’t have bothered. This is acidic, sure, but in a taut, pert way, rather than an upfront pushy manner. The fruit that resides within is redolent of white peach and red apples, and the oak, as always, is slotted in carefully behind it all, framing the wine and shaping the carriage across the palate. This is pure and streamlined. It’s becoming a habit at Xanadu.


2020 Xanadu Chardonnay – 94 Points

Whole-bunch pressed; wild-yeast fermented in French oak; lees stirred during 9 months’ maturation; no mlf. There’s nothing accidental about this wine. It’s been assembled from the copious viticultural resources and with tight control of oak handling. Balance, length and freshness are its aces in the hole.


2020 DJL Malbec – 95 Points

2020 was a ripping little vintage. ‘Little’ is not intended in a pejorative – it was generally brutally low yielding, due to dry conditions at the end of 2019 resulting in a small crop of small berries. This in turn lends a firmness to the tannins. This is no problem for a naturally tannic variety like malbec, that simply takes it in its stride. This wine is polished, glossy, ripe, saturated in black and purple fruit flavours and propped up by a fine, mineral seam of saline acidity. Bring it on.

2020 DJL Shiraz – 95 Points

With 1% viognier. The vinification here very detailed, for a wine that is so inexpensive. Suffice to say, multiple batches treated separately, each with an intended role in the eventual blend. Matured for 14 months in French oak. This is a supremely delicious and pure wine that unapologetically displays the finesse and slink that is possible with the variety, when handled this way. A lot of words to tell you: this is a wonderful wine, and ridiulous(ly good) value for money.


2020 DJL Shiraz Graciano Ros
é – 90 Points

Pure, juicy and bright with a vein of crunchy acid that courses through it. Strawberries, red apples, a sprinkling of black pepper and a strap or two of red licorice. There’s a dusty, calamine and strawberry character that adorns both the nose and palate which I find intriguing, but it will likely be lost to the sands of time once the bottle hits the fridge. Great summer drinking.


2021 Circa 77 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc – 93 Points

70% sauvignon blanc (15% of which was barrel fermented in 30% new French oak), 30% semillon. 2021 was a varied vintage in WA: Margaret River experienced a torrential dump of rain about a week prior to the main white harvest in early February, which caused some issues for vignerons. As usual, vigilance and detail were key. Passionfruit, sugar snap peas, green apple and plenty of briny acidity frame the experience here. The oaked component lends texture and spice complexity to the wine. Super-smart, outrageous price.


2021 Circa 77 Chardonnay
 – 90 Points

From the masters of acid and toast (team Goodall and Carr), comes this very pure, very affordable chardonnay. It gives us everything we want: peaches, brine, pink grapefruit acid and a bit of toasty oak. You won’t often see me recommending cheap chardonnay (because chardonnay needs oak and oak is expensive) but let’s call this an exception.


2019 Circa 77 Shiraz
 – 92 Points

Fruit from the Boodjidup vineyard in the Wallcliffe area. Some whole berries in the ferment, matured for 14 months in French oak (25% new). All great things here: juicy, bouncy shiraz fruit, backed by a subtle lineup of licorice, cinnamon and raspberry. There’s a bit of a jam-doughnut vibe to this wine, a wonderful thing, if you’re into jam doughnuts. Which I am. Uncomplicated, delicious, and with good length of flavour to boot.


2021 Circa 77 Cabernet Sauvignon
 – 90 Points

What more could you possibly want from a $20 cabernet (that’s not a question). This has earthy tannic structure, cassis-laden fruit and licorice through the finish. It’s not complex, but what it’s doing, it’s doing well.


Reviewed by James Halliday and Erin Larkin.

Xanadu Welcomes New Head Chef, Aaron Lim

Published on: 1st August 2022

Xanadu’s Aaron Lim is steering the restaurant in an exciting new direction. The menu -showcases his creative flair for Modern Australian cuisine accented with influences from his Southeast Asian heritage.
The classically French-trained chef spent several years abroad, honing his skills at the internationally acclaimed 2 Michelin star restaurant – L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon in Singapore, before moving to Margaret River in 2019. Having fallen in love with the region, his respect for the local produce was foremost in his thoughts when creating the new menu for Xanadu.

Aaron is a firm believer in the farm-to-table philosophy. “I love this school of thought because primarily, you’re supporting the local farmers and suppliers that have brought so much to the region. I believe how the produce is cared for and harvested hugely affects its quality.”

His dedication to working with the local food suppliers and farms to promote ingredients exclusive to the southwest is a driving force behind his creations. “It also reflects my mission to push sustainability in the kitchen and incorporate foraging, which is a huge part of this philosophy. Knowing how and where the produce grows allows me to understand the product better and use it to its fullest potential.”

His passion for his work extends far beyond the ingredients themselves. He wants to bring the essential element of joy to the dining experience at Xanadu. “Communal dining and feasting are very common in Singapore. Food brings people together, and I want to share this aspect of dining with the guests at Xanadu.” Share plates and feasting options will be available for larger groups, alongside the seasonal degustation and set-course style menu.

The menu is a formidable marriage of the finest elements found in food and wine from the southwest. Each dish is an intricate interplay of colours and flavours – shining a spotlight on Xanadu wines and premium local produce, from the land to the sea. Embark on your gastronomy adventure with a flavourful punch of King Oyster Mushroom Potstickers escorted by aromatic sofrito, pumpkin and a smoked capsicum puree; the Crispy Pork Belly finds citrus, spiced synergy with chill jam and mandarin.

Saunter into the main event where the Confit Duck mingles masterfully with the earthiness of smoked beetroot and a pickled pop of rhubarb, or swim into the Southern Ocean with the Fish of the Day – sidekicks of local Jerusalem artichokes, courgettes, pesto and ginger are wintry heaven. Vegetables are front and centre for the Carrot Gnocchi, accessorised with rainbow carrots, puree, egg floss and black garlic.
Travel from Asia to France for a dulcet finish; “Coconut” partners pandan jelly with adzuki beans, gula melaka, and vanilla-scented ice cream. The Mille Feuille is French layered finery avéc un splash of vinos gel and granita.
The journey on the plate reflects the artistry of a chef who simply loves what he does. “I love seeing the process of fresh produce transformed into dishes. Every step does something to an ingredient, and it intrigues me how little changes can affect the final dish. It’s pure magic!”

To book your seat in the Xanadu Restaurant, click here. 


13 Years of Xanadu History with Erin Larkin

Published on: 27th June 2022

Late last month, Erin Larkin from Robert Parker Wine Advocate visited our Margaret River winery and tasted her way through Xanadu’s rich history. A fruitful day for both Erin and our winemakers, looking back through our vintages since Glenn took the helm in 2006 as Chief Winemaker.

Over the course of the tasting, the team tasted the 2007 (Glenn’s first vintage) through to 2020 vintage across our Black Label, Stevens Road and Reserve ranges. A total of 77 wines.

“Looking through Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon (Margaret River’s darling varieties) and through the three ranges in each varietal, we were able to witness the differences between regional overlay, seasonal overlay and winemaking overlay. The chardonnays, in their youth, showcase an extraordinarily nervy acidity, endemic to the Gingin clone with thundering fruit power. As they blossom, wines of eminent balance and extraordinary grace unfurl.”

And as for the showstoppers, “Xanadu has become known for Cabernet Sauvignons that show tremendous fruit purity and silky tannins.” Erin describes the wines as “elegant weightless wines without the thundering baritone of evident, prominent oak.” An enormous thank you to Erin and the team at Wine Advocate for diving into what was a truly outstanding day.

You can read more about Erin and Glenn’s vertical tasting at robertparker.com (membership required), or visit the  YouTube video here.

Now Available: 2019 + 2020 Stevens Road and Reserve Wines

Published on: 1st June 2022

We’re very excited to officially release our new Reserve and Stevens Road wines with you. What will be remembered as an excellent vintage in Margaret River, despite a global pandemic unfolding, the 2020 Chardonnays have resulted from one of the earliest vintages seen in Margaret River, with all whites harvested before the end of February. A warmer vintage, but with excellent fruit concentration and structure. The cooler ripening conditions of the 2019 Vintage resulted in wonderful, finessed tannins and maturity for our Stevens Road and Reserve Cabernet Sauvignons.

We believe these wines express the diversity, and personality that all these vineyards have to offer, and represent the best wines that we have been able to produce in the given vintages.

2020 Stevens Road Chardonnay
This limited production single vineyard Chardonnay demonstrates our philosophy of selecting only the very best rows from the very best blocks on the property. Sourced from Block 2 of our Stevens Road vineyard, 3km down the road from the Xanadu winery in the Wallcliffe subregion, this wine offers a unique expression of the outstanding quality wine this special little vineyard is capable of producing. Producing some of our best Chardonnay, the pedigree of the Stevens Road vineyard deserves recognition in its own right and is bottled as this single vineyard wine.

2020 Reserve Chardonnay
The Reserve range continues to be the best of what we are able to produce in a given vintage. Our 10th consecutive release of our Reserve Chardonnay, 100% of the fruit for this wine is from our oldest Chardonnay vineyard, the Lagan Estate. The low yielding vineyard produces bunches with characteristic ‘hen and chicken’ architecture typical of the Gingin clone. Natural fermentation on fruit is encouraged to further emphasise the personality of this wonderful site, resulting in a fine boned medium bodied Chardonnay offering citrus, nashi pears and tangy stone fruits with a lovely saline / oyster-shell character in the background.

2019 Stevens Road Cabernet Sauvignon
This limited production single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon demonstrates our philosophy of selecting only the very best rows from the very best blocks on the property. Sourced from our Stevens Road vineyard, 3km down the road from the Xanadu winery in the Wallcliffe subregion, this wine offers a unique expression of the outstanding quality wine this special little vineyard is capable of producing. Limited to only 120 dozen (only 5 barrels produced).

2019 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
The Reserve range continues to be the best of what we are able to produce in a given vintage – single vineyard or otherwise. Fruit was predominantly sourced from two mature, dry grown vineyards; Timber Creek, in the Wilyabrup subregion; and Victory Point in the Treeton subregion of Margaret River and was supplemented with a small amount of Malbec from our Stevens Road vineyard in Wallcliffe. The resulting blend from these vineyards has married beautifully, proving again that sometimes ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.


Xanadu’s 8th Consecutive Cabernet Trophy Win!

Published on: 25th May 2022

Glenn Goodall and his team have once again taken home the Cabernet Sauvignon Trophy at the National Wine Show of Australia, this time with the soon to be released 2019 Xanadu Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. For what will be an unbelievable 8th year in a row winning the Cabernet trophy, the award is a true testament to the pedigree of wines coming out of the Margaret River region and the consistency of the Xanadu viticulture and winemaking team. Alongside this incredible achievement, Xanadu picked up the Rosé Trophy for our 2021 DJL Shiraz Graciano Rosé.
Scoring 95 points and a Top Gold by the judges.

Announced on Friday evening at the National Press Club of Australia in Canberra, this success brings the Xanadu trophy tally at the National Wine Show to 24 since 2009, with 16 of those trophies dedicated to Cabernet Sauvignon. This continues to illustrate Xanadu as one of Australia’s top
producers of Cabernet amongst other varietals. Xanadu Chief Winemaker, Glenn Goodall commented on the wins – “I’m ecstatic, yet gobsmacked all at once – to win another Cabernet trophy at the National Wine Show is quite unbelievable! This achievement alone is incredibly rewarding given the pride we take in our Cabernets . . . Also being awarded a trophy for our Rosé was a lovely surprise as it’s the culmination of a lot of thought, and work, which has gone into this wine over the last few years. A massive thanks to all of our Growers, particularly the Berson’s and McCloy’s who have been growing reserve quality fruit for Xanadu for many years. The result is another great achievement for Margaret River Cabernet in particular and is amazing recognition for the entire Xanadu team.”

The award couldn’t come at better time with our 2019 Xanadu Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon due
for release the 1st of June this year amongst our Stevens Road wines. We cannot wait to share these wines with you.

2022 Flagship Release Wines

Published on: 4th May 2022

Our highly anticipated Xanadu Reserve and Stevens Road Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines are due for release, 1 June. What will be remembered as an excellent vintage in Margaret River, despite a global pandemic unfolding, the 2020 Chardonnays have resulted from one of the earliest vintages seen in Margaret River, with all whites harvested before the end of February. A warmer vintage, but with excellent fruit concentration and structure. The cooler ripening conditions of the 2019 Vintage resulted in wonderful, finessed tannins and maturity for our Stevens Road and Reserve Cabernet Sauvignons.

While the genesis of the Stevens Road wines was just a pet project, this release celebrates our 12th Chardonnay and 11th Cabernet under this single vineyard label. Production is still very limited, however it demonstrates our focus on selecting only the very best rows, from the very best blocks on the property, offering a unique expression of what this special little vineyard in the Wallcliffe sub-region is capable of producing.

The Reserve range continues to be the best of what we are able to produce in a given vintage which we feel worthy (single vineyard or otherwise) of wearing the ‘Reserve’ label. This year we are proud to be releasing both a Chardonnay and Cabernet which reflect this philosophy. The lineage of our 2020 Reserve Chardonnay continues thanks to the pedigree of our Lagan Estate vineyard, and marks 13 consecutive releases (the first was 2008) of this wine since our inaugural Reserve Chardonnay.

We believe these wines express the diversity, and personality that all these vineyards have to offer, and represent the best wines that we have been able to produce in the given vintages.

Both limited in production, be sure to be subscribed to our Mailing List, Loyalty Program or Wine Club to purchase from the 1st of June.